17 September 2014

The good old days......

Everything South Africa once stood for.....

Australia: Dead koalas found after trees lopped to make way for wind farm

Well, it's all in the name of saving planet Gaia, so what's a few dead Koalas?

It's not as if millions of birds and bats haven't already died around the world, chopped to pieces by windmills, to save Gaia. Or the hundreds of thousands of birds which have experienced death-by-solar-farm, their wings singed and falling to their deaths; or, by them "diving" into the lovely flat water surface....only to discover that it's not water, but solar panels. 

All sacrificed to save Gaia.

So, what's a few dead Koalas then, if it means that the global temperature will be reduced by 0.000000000001 of a degree within a century by building wind farms! 

Think of all the birds...... er....... bats...... er..... koalas which will be slaughtered by then saved by all those wind farms! Apparently bringing down the temperature by a nominal amount is more important than ensuring a safe environment for animals and birds.

This is all to save the world from dangerous global warming which isn't happening. According to scientists, warming has "paused" and could begin any time again - reasons unknown. It's only been something like 17 years since the last "warming" period, so we all live in hope that this inexplicable pause will un-pause in another few decades. 

Hopefully some Greenie will get the Arctic and Antarctic to stop building up ice to record levels. The all-knowing climate-models show the polar caps are supposed to be melting, not building up! Tsk, tsk.

In the meantime, to stave off this paused warming, we are building ugly, environment-destroying windmills as an idol to this stupidity.

It's the new religion of the Left - warming. 

It's kind of ironic that Lefty atheists make fun of Christians for believing and having faith in an unseen and unheard deity; yet, their new religion is based on a faith of warming that isn't happening. 

But, there's nothing like spoiling the landscape with ugly windmills, eh? 

And there's nothing like the stupidity of the Green folk, who are killing animals and trees to save them.

A MULTI-billion-dollar Japanese company has been accused of killing koalas as it employs workers to chop down trees to develop a wind farm in Victoria’s southeast.

Mitsui is developing the Bald Hills wind farm in South Gippsland and has been carrying out vegetation clearance in recent weeks to pave the way for powerlines to the site.

About 600 trees are in the process of being ripped down and residents say they have found the bodies of three ­koalas, whose habitat has been destroyed.

Disturbing images of the dead koalas have been supplied to the Herald Sun.

Ann Blundy, who runs Cherry Tree Organics, which is adjacent to the wind farm ­development, said it was heartbreaking to see the impact of the clearance work.

“It is having a massive ­impact on the local koalas,” Mrs Blundy said.

“A lot of people in the local community are very upset and there has been a great deal of concern for the koalas.”

Australian Koala Foundation chief executive Deborah Tabart said koalas were not protected by law in Victoria as they were in other states.

“Why are Victorian koalas exempt from protection from a national listing?” she said.

“The trees in that area look old and like a good habitat for koalas. It could have been done better.

“This is why the AKF wants a koala protection act. It would say that these trees cannot be cleared and another ­option should be available.”

The Herald Sun contacted Mitsui for comment and was called a short time later by Matthew Croome, the general manager of the wind farm.

Mr Croome said he was aware of one dead koala in the area but insisted the body was found away from where work was being carried out.

“I’m not aware of any koalas that have been harmed in the vegetation clearance,” he said.


The true size of Africa

The African continent is bigger than the USA, UK, Japan, China, India and the whole of Europe - all combined. 

No wonder there’s so much at stake in the race for its resources and land.....

Burger King in Japan introduces an all-black cheese burger

Yeah, everything looks so much better in black, huh?

South Africa: Malema asks whites for funds to fight for democracy

Julius Malema: dictator-in-the-making, communist, Black supremacist and leader of the Economic Freedum Fighters is looking for stupid rich White people to help fund is political party: 
"Those of you who have money, you must not finance only those who agree with you ... but the opposition, because if the opposition doesn't have sufficient funds it will die a natural death ... it means dictatorship," he said.
There is no doubt he'll find some of those stupid rich White people, seeing as the White people he was begging from are retired journalists, practising lawyers and business executives. He sure knows who his target-rich audience is - gullible liberals!

Some of these mampara's even declared: "You're not such a bad guy as we thought."

There is none so stupid as a liberal. Period. Even the insane have more working brain cells than liberals.

If anyone has heard of 'a wolf in sheep's clothing', then here's a classic example. Not only is Malema the wolf, but he's asking the sheep to fund their own slaughter. And they willingly follow.

I'm wondering if these same dumb rich White people are aware that Malema has his child attending a very posh, exclusive, (mainly) White private  school? Or that he has multiple homes, luxury cars, millions in trust funds, and that he lives a very expensive life-style?

Nah, probably not, seeing as they're liberals. And even if they did know they'd still blame Whites and excuse Malema as being just a down-trodden Black man, who has come good on his own. No lucrative government tenders or tax evasion to blame.....

So, dear dumb White liberals, keep giving Malema your money. He sure appreciates it! 

And in any case, anyone dumb enough to give this mini-Idi-Amin their money,deserves to suffer the consequences.

EFF leader Julius Malema has appealed to rich white South Africans to help fund opposition political parties, saying the parties need to be empowered to challenge the hegemony of the ANC.

Malema also urged the wealthy to finance the DA's bid for a judicial review of the National Prosecuting Authority's decision in 2009 to withdraw corruption and other charges against President Jacob Zuma. He said the court challenge should happen "as in yesterday".

Speaking at the Cape Town Press Club, Malema launched a charm offensive on his largely white audience and said they were needed to prevent South Africa from sliding towards becoming a one-party state.

"Those of you who have money, you must not finance only those who agree with you ... but the opposition, because if the opposition doesn't have sufficient funds it will die a natural death ... it means dictatorship," he said.

Many in his audience yesterday - retired journalists, practising lawyers and business executives - seemed to warm to the EFF leader, with some declaring: "You're not such a bad guy as we thought."

In an attempt to amplify his point, Malema said in jest that he suspected that there was plenty of money around him, taking into account the building in which he was speaking.

The club was meeting at the Kelvin Grove, in Newlands. Established in 1925, it is an exclusive sports and events venue for Cape Town high society.

"We're meeting here in a building that reflects old money, so my suspicion is that there might be some money here and therefore we'll have to tap into those coffers and get some resources, not for the EFF but for democracy," he said.

"Let's support parties that are going to give the ANC hell in parliament."


Nigeria: Church Building collapses

I'm no structural engineer, but it appears this building imploded - meaning it was brought down on purpose. Or, it could be a result of the brilliant building skills Africans are (not) known for....

So far 67 South African's are confirmed missing (presumed dead) - although the official death toll (according to Nigeria) stands at 57 (for all killed) - which will no doubt rise as it's a busy church. 

Zuma is apparently "shocked" at the number of South African dead - no word yet on when he'll be shocked at all the farm murders in SA......which numbers in the thousands.

In the video below they imply that there's a strange plane, which flies over the building a number of times before the implosion. However, from my understanding, there's an airport nearby and these plane could be landing. 

Look at around the 1:30 mark to see the building come down. Let me know what you think.

Hat tip: DR

The U.S. National Debt Has Grown By More Than A Trillion Dollars In The Last 12 Months

When President Obama was first inaugurated on 20 January 2009, the US government debt was $10,626,877,048,913.08.

The debt today is.........drum roll please.........

At this rate, when Obama hopefully leaves office in 2016, he's on track to add just as much debt as all the other previous presidents before him had left him. He's added more than $1 trillion every year he's been in office.

Forty years ago, the total amount of debt in America (all government debt plus all business debt plus all individual debt) was sitting at a grand total of around $2.3 trillion. Today, that total has grown to $59.4 trillion.

$ 59 000 000 000 000.00
Or, 59 million million.

Or, 59 thousand billion.....

Good luck America! 

I can smell another world war coming to clear all the debts out.....

Or maybe some culling of Americans via Ebola.....brought in by their own troops.

US to send 3,000 troops to Ebola danger zone as Obama administration shuffles military's mission in Africa

Wait, what???

Goodness, the buffoon Obama sure is an embarrassment.

Either Obama has gone crazy, or he's lost his marbles. There is no other explanation for this idiot to send 3000 American troops into an Ebola zone to help "stop" the Ebola epidemic.

What frigging planet is this community organiser from? Why would he endanger the lives of his own troops???? 

Where are the military generals speaking out about this stupidity?? Oh, that's right, Obama has purged the military of anyone with more than two brain cells in leadership roles. Just in case they get notions of overthrowing him....or standing up to his "commander and chief" instructions.

So, Obama is now sending more troops to fight Ebola than he's sending to fight his Frankenstein, ISIS. How's that for common sense?

Unless, of course, Obama has another reason to send US troops into Africa. Cough-cough-China-cough. Don't laugh - we know the CIA creates "chaos" in other countries as an excuse to send in the US troops. Just look at what they've done to Ukraine. NATO is now holding "military exercises" in Ukraine to teach the neo-Nazi's how to fight, so they can go kill more of their own people in the east of the country. Just so they can get at Russia.

But, back to the lunatic that is Obama. 

Obama refuses to deploy US troops on the American southern border to stop the influx of illegal immigrants, terrorists and drug gangs, but he can find 3000 troops to send into a highly contagious area, where a virus which kills most of its victims is being spread.

And then they can either die or bring the virus back to America.....

What a tool. Obama isn't fit to have control of the US military.

Can someone please take his toy away from him???

The United States government is sending thousands of military troops to the west African nation of Liberia as part of the Obama administration's Ebola virus-response strategy, the White House said late Monday night.

'U.S. Africa Command will set up a Joint Force Command headquartered in Monrovia, Liberia, to provide regional command and control support to U.S. military activities and facilitate coordination with U.S. government and international relief efforts,' a statement from the White House press office said.

'A general from U.S. Army Africa, the Army component of U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM), will lead this effort, which will involve an estimated 3,000 U.S. forces.'
Liberia is the hardest-hit of the four west African nations that have confirmed Ebola cases, accounting for more than one-half of the fatalities. The others are Sierra Leone, Guinea and, to a lesser extent, Nigeria.

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16 September 2014

Some charts to get you thinking.....

The world's IQ levels are dropping:

At the same time, the White race is also in decline:

Now, if I were a scientist, which I'm not, then I would conclude that the drop in IQ is in direct correlation to the drop in the White race.

In other words, the more brown/black the world becomes, the dumber - meaning, no more innovation, no more new discoveries, no more new technologies. The world has had an intelligence peak and it's now heading back to the 7th century.

But that would be racist, so forget you saw that hypothesis.

What I would say is that the bleeding heart White race only has itself to blame. We have fed, funded and nurtured the lower races with our foreign aid, compassion and by opening our borders - because it's the right thing to do..... 

The parasite is now flourishing while the host is dying.

Well done all you bleeding heart liberals! 

Karma will have the last laugh. You lot don't live for a God - you live and die instead for planet Gaia. However, Gaia will be destroyed by the rampantly reproducing 3rd world you have artificially kept alive and thriving.

Take a bow.

Obama says IS isn't Islamic....