25 October 2014

The civilised world under Obama is dying

The problem with Obama in the White House, is that he infuses his ideology around the world. 

All the Progressive Marxists around the Western world watch and listen to the Progressive Marxists in America to get their cue on what's to be regarded as offensive, what speech may be used by non-Progressives, and which code words are to be banned. They also take their cue on their anti-White, anti-Patriotic rhetoric - anyone displaying their patriotism is now a classed a racist. 

Here in Australia our Lefties have gone mad. Any "offence" is jumped on, vilified and discussed on "Twitter", and the guilty person then bullied to death (figuratively, but I wouldn't be surprised if it turned literally with time). 

These same Progressive-Regressives are running most of Australia's institutions, especially the universities, which are hot-beds for these freaks to congregate and stir each other up, egged on by their "professors", who are all miserable sad-sack individuals, unable to make it in the real world. A tax paid sheltered job is all they can get.

Australia's university students receive tax-payer funded education, which they only have to pay back when they earn a certain amount. Until then, it's a write-off, so these Lefty freaks have no incentive to go out and earn a living. They'd rather stay at university year after year, sucking the tax payers teat dry, propagandising and pushing their humourless agenda with their like-minded humourless freakoids, while normal people leave their homes to go earn a living to pay taxes to fund these freaks. The normal people are held to ransom by these freaks who can't get a job on their own.

Back in America you have these same freaks in control of the American government. Every university is infested with the Progressive freaks, and every media station is run by these one-eyed idiots.

And the world is in chaos as a result of these freaks running the show. 

In Canada an Islamic convert killed an innocent soldier standing guard outside the unknown soldier monument in ultra-Liberal Ottawa. A day earlier, another Muslim convert ran down two Canadian soldiers, killing one. 

So, two Islamic terrorist attacks in two days in Canada. By Muslims. A religion that wasn't present in any numbers a few years back, but which has been increasingly streaming in and being welcomed into Canada. That's how we roll in the west - we hate ourselves so much we import people who hate us even more.

Ottawa has now lost its innocence. All those anti-gun Liberals and anyone-but-White-lovers came face to face with their ideal Canadian person that day - a non-White Muslim killer, and they quickly jumped to make excuses and hide who the terrorist was. It didn't fit their Liberal narrative. Somehow the Canadian people will be blamed, not the Muslim radical. We are dumb like that.

And, as EVERY ex-White western nation has done these past 50-60 years, we keep importing every hostile and useless piece of riff-raff 3rd worlder, all so we can be seen as "good" and "tolerant", no matter the consequence to the nation. And even when the consequence comes home to roost, instead of taking stock and reassessing immigration policies, our governments double-down and defend what they're doing to our futures, and the future of our White children.

Die-versity - it's the gift that keeps giving and which we can't give back.....ever.

Obama, of course, called the killing in Ottawa 'senseless violence'. NOT Islamic terrorism. Obama is a good Muslim.

In New York yesterday, a Black supremacist and recent Islamic convert attacked 3 policemen with an axe, putting them in hospital, with one in critical condition. The media have bent over backwards and formed themselves into pretzels just to avoid telling the truth on the hatchet-man. 

It doesn't fit their narrative that White Christian males are to blame for everything in America.

There are daily Black on White crimes in America, increasing in intensity and increasing in numbers, yet the media remains deadly silent. 

Obama is bringing in Muslims, 3rd world Blacks and Hispanics by the planeload to diversify and destroy White America, and the media remains quiet. Everyone too busy navel gazing or wondering what Kim Kardashian is wearing, or when she'll pop out her next half-caste coloured baby. Half-caste or Black babies are celebrated. White babies are racist and evil.

Ebola is now spreading in America. The newest patient having flown in from west Africa, after working for the we-are-all-one "doctors without borders". He has now found out that not all countries are the same, even if he wishes it so. 

The good doctor passed all the 'advanced' screening Obama and his CDC has put in place at airports, but has still managed to come down with the disease after having spread the love all over New York. Why wouldn't a doctor self-quarantine himself having come from an Ebola area, after having direct contact with patients? Yeah, that would be crazy talk and racist.

All because Obama refuses to ban flights from the infected region in Africa. But, he's not the only one - Australia still hasn't banned flights or people from coming in from that part of the world. They are "taking temperatures" - just like they took the temperature of the good doctor at the airport in New York.

And the media keeps navel gazing, all beating themselves up to make this a racism issue and not a common sense issue. You see, it's racist to stop Africans flying into America (and other western nations), no matter the love they bring with them - even if that love is a deadly, highly contagious disease. 

In Syria and Iraq, the bombings Obama ordered on ISIS are having virtually NO impact, and ISIS keeps growing, killing more and getting stronger. Thank goodness Ebola is in America to keep the sheeple distracted, while Obama's pathetic leadership and tepid will is exposed in the Middle East.

And the only person brave enough to call him out is Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has come out and lambasted Obama and other meak-lamb western nations who have dabbled in and destroyed the world order. 

The results are there for all to see. The result of Obama's ideology is now on the world table. The man who got the top job in America with NO experience in anything, but making speeches, is now shown up as being just what he is - a community organiser and race agitator. He is nothing but a man who hates his own country and all the accomplishments of the White Americans. His daddy was a Kenyan Communist who hated the West, his mommy hated her country, his grandparents were radical Marxists. And Obama was the result.

But, in their quest to destroy the west, the Progressive Marxists are destroying everything, and creating vacuums for the Muslim fascists and Progressive Marxists to step into. 

Progressive Marxists are the real Ebola - infected with a highly contagious, deadly mind-sickness, which needs to be quarantined and allowed to die.

Their mind-sickness is going to be the end of the White race, and our western civilisations. 

21 October 2014

USA: Socialist Party Demanding $20/hr Minimum Wage advertises job paying $13/hr

You really can't make this stuff up.

The Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) is demanding that the federal minimum wage be moved up to $20 per hour, but advertised a job for an experienced web developer paying just $13 per hour.

National Secretary of FSP, Doug Barnes, gave a few very, very cute reasons why he's unable to pay more per hour. He says they can't afford to pay $20 per hour, because they're a non-profit organisation that receives funding from leftist contributors.

But it gets better. Naturally.
Barnes also suggested that the Freedom Socialist Party would make more money off the backs of the low-wage workers he claims make many contributions if the federal government or state governments forced businesses to pay employees a minimum of $20 per hour.
Yeah, don't ask me what he means exactly. Something about forcing others to pay higher salaries, thereby keeping their low-paid donors paying more to FSP. If you can work it out, let me know.

Barnes then went on a rant against those who have called out the FSP HYPROCRISY:
“The right-wing attack is very hypocritical,” the socialist lamented.
Yeah, it sure is hypocritical of "right-wingers" to attack an organisation demanding others pay salaries of a certain amount, only to pay their own people much less, because they can't afford to pay the higher wages they want others to pay. 

So I'm guessing that all the companies they're 'demanding pay these higher wages can afford to pay such a big increase, eh Mr Barnes???

Yeah, these right-wingers are just plain nuts! SFP are clearly on the moral high-ground on this issue.

And as always, the stinking HYPOCRISY from these Socialist goons is hilarious. 

Do as we say, not as we do.....the moonbat Lefties motto in life.

The socialist party in Seattle that wants to raise the federal minimum wage to $20 per hour but advertised a job last week for an experienced web developer paying just $13 per hour is now defending itself.

The Huffington Post, which was sued by a bunch of unpaid bloggers after founder Arianna Huffington sold the website for $315 million, has the story.

The argument from the Freedom Socialist Party is that it cannot afford the minimum wage it seeks to impose on every commercial entity in America. 

Doug Barnes, the Freedom Socialist Party’s national secretary, claimed that the collectivist political organization shouldn’t be subject to its own wage demands because it is a nonprofit that receives revenue from leftist contributors.

“We’re practicing what we’re preaching in terms of continuing to fight for the minimum wage,” Barnes told the HuffPo. “But we can’t pay a lot more than $13.”

Barnes also suggested that the Freedom Socialist Party would make more money off the backs of the low-wage workers he claims make many contributions if the federal government or state governments forced businesses to pay employees a minimum of $20 per hour.

“Our donor base would all be affected, and the low-wage workers who support us with $5 to $6 a month would be able to give more,” he told HuffPo. “That would affect our ability to pay higher wages as well.”

He noted that he personally supports a $22 per hour minimum wage.

According to his Facebook page, Barnes is a graduate of the Evergreen State College. 

His Facebook “likes” include Occupy Seattle, Syrian Revolution Support Bases, El Centro de la Raza, Mumia Abu Jamal and Bay Area Radical Women.

Despite his spirited defense of the help wanted ad, Barnes added that the Freedom Socialist Party has since removed its ad from both Indeed.com and Craigslist.

“The right-wing attack is very hypocritical,” the socialist — who wants a $20 minimum wage but has sought a $13-per-hour web developer — lamented.

The Daily Caller predicted such an outcome, by the way, and saved a screenshot of the ad as it appeared at Indeed.com. You can see it below.

In 2012, the Freedom Socialist Party’s national platform championed “full employment” and an increase in the minimum wage “to $20 an hour” for all employees in all jobs.

The Freedom Socialist Party’s 2012 political platform also demanded a 70 percent tax rate for “the top 1 percent”; “free multi-lingual public education, including ethnic studies, through college and trade school”; free abortions; bank nationalization; and the cancellation of all free-trade treaties.

Despite last week’s offer of a part-time, 20-hour-per-week, $13-per-hour job, the party also called for a 30-hour work week for everyone “with no cut in pay” and “a guaranteed annual income.”

A part-time web developer making $13 per hour and working 20 hours per week would bring home about $13,600 annually, before taxes.

The Seattle headquarters of the Freedom Socialist Party appears to be located in an apartment building directly across the street from a Bank of America branch.


South Africa: Zuma compares Nkandla with George airport, built for PW Botha

Current South African President, Jacob Zuma, has compared his private residence/Nkandla mansion-complex - which has cost tax payers over R250 million (~$25 million) so far - to the airport in the city of George, which he says was built for (White) ex-State President, PW Botha.


This shower-head moron is comparing a private housing mansion complex to an airport which benefits the entire region??

So, which airplane hanger did PW Botha live in Mr Zuma?

And just for the record, seeing as facts aren't exactly a strength of the ANC, and especially not the current President Zuma, the George Airport was built in 1977, and PW Botha was State President from 1984-1989. 

And seeing as you're just a goat herder with a Grade 5 school certificate, then that would mean maths isn't one of your strengths - seeing as you're still promising 5 million new jobs and have lost millions of jobs instead. So, let me help you a little: 1977 comes 7 years before 1984, which means the airport was 7 years old when PW Botha took office. 

And if you still don't known what that means, it means you're a stupid idiot moron.

And in case you need a visual aide , then look below and I'm sure you'll see why there's a slight difference between an airport and a private house.

Here is George Airport:

Here is President Zuma's private housing complex, built with tax payer money for him, his 4 wives, and his 22 children:

President Jacob Zuma has compared the construction of George airport for apartheid head of state PW Botha, and his own home in Nkandla, according to a report.

Beeld newspaper reported on Monday that while answering a question during a Sunday lunch to mark media freedom day, he said he lived in a state house without paying rent and travelled on state planes without paying for it.

"Is this an unfair advantage?" he asked.

When it was pointed out that his Nkandla dwelling was a personal home, not state property, Zuma said it was the state's duty to protect the president and deputy president.

Zuma said the airport in George was not built for economic reasons.

"It is because Botha lived there (Wilderness)."

He wanted to know why there was so much criticism over Nkandla saying: "Is Nkandla not meant to produce a president?"

The government spent R246 million on upgrades to Zuma's Nkandla home. The public protector recommended that he repay that part of the money not spent on security.

Meanwhile, disciplinary hearings for officials who signed off on aspects of the project were underway. Parliament was disrupted by a call by the Economic Freedom Fighters that Zuma "pay back the money", and the architect who worked on the project is challenging his alleged liability for overspending in court.


Black knee-gress goes ape in class......

This video is from 2012.

I'm wondering what others would do if they had a kneegress carry on like this in their class?

I know what I'd LIKE to do......

Common core joke of the day....

Jack used the number line below to solve:  427 - 316. Find the error. Then write a letter to Jack telling him what he did right, and what he should do to fix his mistake.

And boy does the parent tell Jack what a moron he is!

American foreign policy wrapped up....

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And finally........