17 April 2014

South Africa: What's going on?

I've been out of the loop preparing for my audit, so I've got lots to catch up regarding South Africa.

I'll post something soon, but if anyone knows what happened in Bloemhof please either email me or list in the comment section. It appears that the local neighbourhood watch had to help out the police as they couldn't defend the town from an attack by rampaging Blacks (?terrorists).

Not only do the Whites have to protect themselves, but it seems they're going to end up protecting most of South Africa when the SHTF.

Very sad what's going on there.

Ukraine and the truth

If you want to keep abreast of what's really going on in Ukraine, then visit this blog. If you know of any other good blogs please list them in the comments.

The Saker is well connected and has lots of reliable informants. For example, he knew that CIA head Brennan had visited Ukraine over the wee-end, even before the USA were forced to announce his hushed up visit.

DON'T believe the rubbish coming out of the USA/EU and Neo-Fascists in Kiev. Even Britain's government is in on the lies with Hague spewing anti-Russian sentiment every second he can.

Do your own research before you accept what you're being fed by the media. That's the ONLY way to stop another war. We have tools the world didn't have back when there were World War's started for nothing. They can't use propaganda on us anymore unless we allow them to.

Socialist Venezuela: When Insanity Becomes Normal

Hat tip: Treacle Bender

America's racial tapestry Is changing

National Geographic published an article late last year about what Americans will look like in the future.

Here's one example:

Nothing like conditioning people into accepting inter-breeding and having half-caste/mulatto children be the new acceptable and preferred norm.

And now we have Pew Research Center with the statistics:
In 1960, the population of the United States was 85% white; by 2060, it will be only 43% white. We were once a black and white country. Now, we’re a rainbow.
Ah, a rainbow. Now where have I heard that one before?? Oh yes! South Africa, and look how great that's worked out??

Ted Kennedy changed the immigrant policy for the USA in 1965, replacing the mostly White immigrant policy, with a policy of 85% of new immigrants had to be non-White. Less than 100 years later, by 2060, that policy will have transformed America from a patriotic White-majority country to a watered-down White-minority country, with lots of mulatto children being produced. 

On those statistics alone, you can assume that by 2100 Whites will most probably be wiped out by the Hispanic/Asian/Black/Mulatto populations. 

That is the future of America. No more American "exceptionalism". No more flying to the Moon or Mars. No more American Dream. America and what it stood for will be no more.

America, the brain-washed and conditioned country. Conditioned to self-destruct by drinking the kool-aid of 'we-are-one' and where interbreeding with other races is promoted as being "desirable". On their TVs, in the movies and on the airwaves - brainwashing of the people has taken place on a massive scale.

Well done you! 

So, who do you think is going to remember the true American history one day? The Hispanics? The African Blacks? The half-caste children? 

Just who is going to remember what the constitution is all about? What the Founding Fathers envisioned for the country? Those same Founding Fathers are no doubt spinning in their graves, watching what they fought for being flushed down the drain on the back of the "democracy" they created.

Who will remember all those hundreds of thousands of White boys and men who died in the civil war to free the Black "slaves"? Who will remember all those mostly White boys and men who died in WWII, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan? Who will remember your men and boys fighting for "freedom" and the "flag"  when there is no one there who cares to remember? No one any longer to remember those who suffered and died to protect America and what it once stood for?

And all the while your own government has been implementing policies to kill-off the very people who shaped America. True irony. 

Our White race sure is stupid. We come from the hub of civilisation in Europe - a Europe which gave us Beethoven, Bach, Leonardo Di Vinci and other great artists. We come from a people who were building cities with multi-story buildings, wearing sophisticated clothes and producing great history - when at the same time in Africa the Blacks didn't even know what a wheel was or how to make fire. They were still wearing animal skins and attacking other tribes for their cattle and women, while the men of Europe were getting on boats and mapping out the world.

And yet today we eagerly destroy our own race so that we can be more like the people who didn't know what the wheel was a short 300 years ago. Apparently that is a good thing - an acceptable thing, and to not embrace our mulatto future is to be racist.

At the end of the day I wonder why I bother to worry about all this. I mean, most people don't seem to care that our countries are being destroyed from within. We import savage barbarians and backward Islamists willingly. Our concerns are trampled on by our governments and we're told to integrate and be accepting - for our new invaders will no doubt be more like us when they live among us. Yet, that hasn't happened yet, has it?

Blacks in America mostly hate the Whites. Hispanics in America resent the Whites. They are only too willing though to dangle them on their arm as their prize and breed with them, but deep-down they despise our race. Our men are only too happy to shack up with an Asian woman because they're more "respectful". Our women are only too happy to shack up with a Black men because it's the "cool" thing to do.

And all the while we're killing off a race which has given humanity so much. We are dumbing down humanity all so we can worship at the altar of political correctness and multi-culturalism.

One day it will be a rare site to see White people. I wonder what America will look like by 2060, seeing as the new future will be producing people who are more "gibs-me-dat" as opposed to "I will work and progress"? Who will provide the money needed to pay the welfare bill, the pension bill, the free food bill?

If by 2060 America will be 31% Hispanic and 13% Black, then America will look like Mexico. By 2100 it will be Mexico with some Africa thrown in for good measure. 

And we call all see what a great success Mexico and Africa are.......

So what is the answer? Well, I know what the answer is, but until Whites in America stop drinking the kool-aid they're being fed and start worrying about their racial future and living standards, there is nothing we can do but watch the train-wreck unfold.

At the same time our population is going gray, we’re also becoming multi-colored. 

In 1960, the population of the United States was 85% white; by 2060, it will be only 43% white. We were once a black and white country. Now, we’re a rainbow.

Our intricate new racial tapestry is being woven by the more than 40 million immigrants who have arrived since 1965, about half of them Hispanics and nearly three-in-ten Asians.

Because these transformations happen tick by tock, without anyone announcing them with a drum roll or press conference, they are sometimes hard to perceive.

But every so often societies experience “aha” moments, when the change is right there in plain sight. We had several such moments in early 2014, as three iconic American brands, Coke, Chevy and Cheerios, rolled out ads during the Super Bowl and Olympics that were aimed at what one voice-over called "the new us."

Product advertisers aren’t in the business of making political statements. They’re certainly not in the business of making enemies. They must have known some of their images – interracial families, same-sex parents, “America the Beautiful” sung in several languages – would disturb some of their customers. But they also do their market research and look at their numbers. They know how fast the country is changing.


16 April 2014

Picture roundup.......

Apologies to readers. I'm working crazy hours in preparation for a departmental audit next week, so blogging will be very lite until the audit is over.

And finally..........oops!

12 April 2014

Buying Gold in South Africa

Some of my readers are asking what the best way is to buy Gold (and silver) in South Africa (reputable website, companies and which is the best form - Kruger Rands etc).

Unfortunately I can't help them.

Can any of my readers give any advice in the comment section?

Much appreciated.


11 April 2014

South Africa: Give us enough votes to change Constitution – Zuma

Shortly after South Africa was handed over to a bunch of liberation "fighters" in 1994, the world heralded the new constitution as the best in the world.

Apparently that's no longer the case as Zuma has signaled he wants to change it if the ANC get re-elected with enough votes.

How "progressive", eh? Gotta get some real dictatorship going, next round! 

Zuma seems to think that the constitution is the reason why his government has been an abject failure. He seems to think that the constitution is why his government can't do their job properly, and the constitution is the reason why the ANC was "delaying the delivery of services to our people".

You really can't make this stuff up, can you?

It's got nooooooothing to do with their incompetence, greed, corruption, laziness, fraud, stupidity or IQ67 tendencies.

Nah, nothing.

It's all down to the constitution! Wow, someone should ask Zuma how he'd change the constitution to better his presidency. No one seems to ask tough questions in South Africa these days. Last time that happened was when there was still a White government in place. 

It's easy to ask simple questions to a genius like Zuma:

Me:      President Zuma - how would you change the constitution to better the service delivery to the people of South Africa? 

President Zuma:     Eish, hau! You raycissst! Bring me my machine gun....

Of course, rambling incoherently in his home province of Kwa-Zulu Natal - among his strongest of clueless supporters - he also had to have a go at the "lies" being told about Nkandla:
“You do not know the people writing those negative articles, they just write but do not explain who they are. You must not believe in something written by a stranger....."
Yes, sadly, this is the grade 3 educated, ex goat-herder and current president of South Africa - telling people that they can't believe the lies in the paper as they don't know who's writing the words.

SURELY the people listening to him burst out into laughter? Surely???

Zuma, who was loudly cheered by thousands of supporters.....
Yeah, they're bred dumber than bricks in KZN it seems. Their fornicating polygamist homeboy is their hero - but, no matter how indigent they're living, they're still willing to pay for their president:
But Thuli Majozi, an unemployed mother, summed up Zuma’s popularity in the province. “Madonsela must just tell how much she wants Zuma to pay (back) and we will raise that money,” she said.
Yeah, except you won't be paying, will you Thuli? You are UNEMPLOYED, yet you get to vote, same as the educated, tax-paying people in South Africa.Your vote counts exactly the same as someone getting up at 5am and getting home at 7pm, working all day to put food on YOUR table.

While that person is working, you get to go listen and cheer Zuma on, make babies, go down to the nearest ANC welfare office for your free baby grant money - and vote for ZUUUUUUUMA.

I wonder if Thuli even knows what the constitution is, or how to spell it?

Never mind. Sigh.

Ah well, South Africa was great while it lasted. If the ANC get the majority they need to change the constitution then one can only imagine how they intend to change it. Hint - out goes land rights for Whites. In comes outright discrimination against Whites ....just for starters.

Better cross your fingers there are enough Blacks who have woken up to the ANC. 

But, I'm not taking bets on that one. 

Hat tip: DR

With only 26 days to go before the May 7 general elections, President Jacob Zuma has made it clear the ANC would change the Constitution if it managed to get a two thirds majority at the polls.

“There are certain provisions of the Constitution that make it difficult for the ANC-led government to meet the needs of citizens,” President Jacob Zuma said.

He was addressing thousands of ANC supporters at Henry Bona Zone-Nilgri sportsground, outside Pinetown.

Zuma told the crowd they should do everything in their power to ensure the ruling party received a two thirds majority in the upcoming general elections to enable it to amend the Constitution.

“You must go out and persuade your friends and neighbours, even those that belong to other political parties to vote for the ANC so that we can get an overwhelming majority that will enable us to change parts of the Constitution delaying the delivery of services to our people.” Zuma, who was loudly cheered by thousands of supporters, indirectly touched on the issue of the negative media coverage sparked by the Nkandla report.

“You do not know the people writing those negative articles, they just write but do not explain who they are. You must not believe in something written by a stranger but you can believe in what the ANC is saying since the ruling party has been with you for several decades. The ANC has been rooted in your communities since the difficult times of apartheid,” he said.
The ANC leader then launched a scathing attack on opposition parties, saying their main objective was to get a few votes so that their leaders could go to Parliament and “make noise”.

Turning to journalists, Zuma said they too had a moral obligation to vote for the ANC as it had made it possible for them to enjoy the freedom of speech they currently abuse.

Zuma has been in KwaZulu-Natal – his strongest support base – since the weekend. He arrived with a cloud hanging over his head over the Nkandla report.

But Thuli Majozi, an unemployed mother, summed up Zuma’s popularity in the province. “Madonsela must just tell how much she wants Zuma to pay and we will raise that money,” she said.


South Africa: Mthethwa removes police with criminal records

Wow, isn't it amazing what an election year does for government competence in South Africa?

The police Minister Nathi Mthethwa has announced they will be ridding the police service of 1017 officers with criminal records. Another 67 have left the service. This after an audit found that 1448 officers had criminal records.

It's not as if they employed them in the first place.....oh wait!

So, let's see. 1448 - 67 - 1017 = 364. That means that there are still 364 officers with criminal records working for the police. Why aren't they being "removed" Nathi?? Are they protected ANC comrades?

So, the police minister is finally doing his job. Give the man a gold watch! Why, it's almost as if the ANC are trying to clean up their act and convince voters that they're looking out for the people of the country. 

But, don't get too excited law-abiding people of South Africa. No sirree Bob! You see, once the election is over - and the ANC wins ....again - I have a sneaky suspicion that these disgraced officers will somehow be back at work, doing their bit to increase crime in South Africa.

See if I'm not right!

Hat tip: DR

More than 1 000 police officers with criminal records will be removed from the South African Police Service (SAPS), Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa's office said on Thursday.

"SAPS is in the process of removing 1 017 officers while another 67 have left the service," said acting spokesman David Barritt in a statement.

He said the removal comes following an audit ordered by Mthethwa, which identified 1 448 officers with criminal records.

"After following the correct legal and labour processes, SAPS is now satisfied that 1 017 of its members are no longer fit to serve." He said the remaining officers were still expected to appear before the fitness board.

Mthethwa said the action showed the department was making progress in continuing efforts to rid police ranks of dishonest officers.

"Those with criminal convictions do not belong in the police force. I have made it clear to SAPS that I expect zero tolerance with regard to criminality in the police, at every level."

The process was challenging but would result in a better police service, with it being in its final stages. "The only remaining obstacle now is that a trade union has undertaken legal action in the Eastern Cape in an attempt to derail the process," the minister said. – Sapa



Hat tip: Thomas E

Police around the world.....

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