21 January 2015

Zimbabwe to grab more land from remaining whites - Mugabe’s VP

Well, of course Mugabe et al want to grab more land that doesn't belong to them to give to "war veterans"..... or to keep for themselves.

Why not? After all, his forced 'land reform' policy has been a roaring success since 2000! As a result of the success, in a few short years Mugabe took his country from the bread basket of the world to the begging bowl of Africa. Genius! So it only makes sense to keep repeating the same failed successful policy over and over until there is nothing left to steal.

Mugarbage's VP Emmerson Mnangagwa had the following wise words to say:
Mnangagwa said there was need to resuscitate the country’s agro-based economy so that Zimbabweans could have food on the table.
 "Those with multiple farms, we will take them, the few whites on farms, we will look into that and those with big farms, we will cut to size," Mnangagwa was quoted as saying.
So, they're going to resuscitate the country's agriculture-based economy and put food on the table by removing the last few successful White farmers off their own rightful land and give the farms to clueless idiots??

Yeah, only in Africa and in the world of the noble savage with IQ67 does this type of logic make sense. When you're a moron then you don't know you're a moron, because in your world  you're a genius. Same with the IQ67s. They think that when they put a White-mans suit on, wear fancy watches and drive expensive cars that it makes them more than what they are. And all the time, under that expensive suit they're still just an IQ67.

And I'm sure this all makes perfectly good sense to the other IQ67 chattering twits. They will still vote for Mugarbage no matter what he does to his country, while the rest of Zimbabwe sits in South Africa earning money to keep Zimbabwe's economy going, ensuring there's no pressure to force Zimbabwe to reform or to remove Mugarbage. 

And this is the exact same land policy Zuma will follow soon, once he's run out of other clever ideas to ruin South Africa. Already his language has changed and he's chattering about reclaiming land and distributing it among his people (cough-cough-BS-cough). 

It's only a matter of time until the savages are baying for the blood of the surviving White farmers in SA.

Hat tip: Gary

Zimbabwean government will soon intensify its land grabs, targeting the country’s remaining white farmers and those with multiple farms, acting president Emmerson Mnangagwa has reportedly said.
According to the Newsday, Mnangagwa said there was need to resuscitate the country’s agro-based economy so that Zimbabweans could have food on the table.
"Those with multiple farms, we will take them, the few whites on farms, we will look into that and those with big farms, we will cut to size," Mnangagwa was quoted as saying.

Land policy U-turn 
Mnangagwa's remarks come a few weeks after Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement Douglas Mombeshora announced that the Zimbabwean government had made a U-turn in its land policy, allowing farming joint ventures between new black farmers and former white commercial farmers.
But the country's Commercial Farmers' Union (CFU), which is largely made up of white former farmers expressed scepticism over government's sincerity, with the spokesperson Hendrik Olivier saying white farmers were still hesitant to enter into partnerships with locals.
Hendrik said the policies had been inconsistent and sometimes non-existent over the past 15 years.
Last year President Robert Mugabe made headlines when he vowed that whites would never be allowed to own land in Zimbabwe.
Mugabe at the time also warned black Zimbabweans against partnering with whites in agriculture deals.
Mugabe and his Zanu-PF party launched the land reforms in 2000, taking over white-owned farms to resettle landless blacks.
Mugabe said the reforms were meant to correct colonial land ownership imbalances.
At least 4 000 white commercial farmers were evicted from their farms.
The land seizures were often violent, claiming the lives of several white farmers during clashes with veterans of Zimbabwe's 1970s liberation struggle.
Critics of the reforms have blamed the programme for low production on the farms as the majority of the beneficiaries lacked the means and skills to work the land.


The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) is taking Afrikaans singer Sunette Bridges to the Equality Court for hate speech.

And do you want to know what this hate speech case is built on? For comments made by others in response to her Facebook posts.

So, it's not even her making the comments. For all anyone knows it could be Lefty wanker idiots posting the comments and then complaining about the comments to the SAHRC. In actual fact, it could well be people from the SAHRC who have posted the comments. A false flag operation to shut her up as she's becoming extremely popular under the Afrikaans people. 

Not only is Ms Bridges concerned about the plight of the Afrikaners in South Africa and is reporting on every attack/murder/rape on her people on her Facebook page and website, but she's also in the process of building an Afrikaans settlement with money donated to the cause. She's quite a gal.

However, the vicious Lefties in South Africa are quick to enjoy her persecution. They are only too happy to see a person like her being hounded for pie-in-the-sky "hate speech" comments, and they do this by posting their own hateful comments against her.

Bunch of one-eyed hypocrites. 

A little information to idiots is a dangerous thing.

Hat tip: Liane L, Nick A

Here our the resident SA Lefties enjoying themselves at Ms Bridges expense:

CAPE TOWN – The Equality Court in Cape Town is expected to hear a hate speech case against Afrikaans singer Sunette Bridges.

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) is taking action against Bridges after accusing her of hosting commentary that amounts to hate speech on her Facebook page.

Bridges describes herself on her website as a mother of five, Afrikaner, artist, writer and a 'concerned citizen of the once prosperous country called South Africa'.

She's been outspoken in her views and the SAHRC has taken issue with some of them.
The commission says its received numerous complaints over alleged hate speech on her Facebook page.
It will argue that Bridges has violated sections of the Equality Act which relate to hate speech.


20 January 2015

Spot on

Australia: Call to boycott halal food called a political stunt by halal certifiers

You can always count on Aunty ABC here in Australia to champion the cause of anyone but heterosexual, Christian, Conservative White people (males especially). Even though the ABC is brimming over with White males running the joint.

But then, they are mostly Gay and Green, so recognising hypocrisy is not one of their strengths. 

Hence why the ABC fall over themselves whenever Muslims are in a negative spotlight - them being their latest cause to fight to the death for. Victim-hood is a Gay and Green strength.

Below is an article from the ABC. When you read it you may get the sense that bad is good, up is down and anyone not a Muslim is racist and evil.

The amount of pandering they do to reassure their Lefty readers that Halal is great and not cruel to animals is laughable. But then, what to you expect from people who work at the ABC - a tax-funded, sheltered employment work place for otherwise unemployable Lefty Greenies??

Now, were Halal a Christian concept, THEN  it would be roundly criticised, protests organised and sit-in's and candle-light vigils held to abolish it.

But, it's a Muslim concept so no amount of pandering is too much for the ABC. They even quote a Lefty radical "Pastor" Brad Chilcott - he who hasn't met a refugee he hasn't embraced, no matter what (except that they should preferably not live near him or his kids). 

Chilcott called for "religious tolerance" when it comes to slaughtering of animals the Halal way. Any attempt to expose what it's about he brands as "bullying". Here's hoping he gets to experience Halal slaughtering personally one day. Frigging Lefty nut-job moonbat.

In case you're not aware, Halal certification means the animal is slaughtered while still alive. Their throats are slit without stunning first. So they die a horrid, unnecessary cruel death. And all the while some goobly-gook Imam prays over the animal as it bleeds to death.

And every company who wants to be Halal certified has to pay a bribe to some Muslim body. The scam is so wide that they even require honey manufacturers, milk/dairy and eggs to be certified, even though there is nothing un-Halal about the products.

So, where does all the bribe money go, apart from funding Muslim terrorism, pushing Muslim interests and making a few, very well connected Muslims super rich - which is supposedly against Mo's cult?

Well, straight from the horses mouth:

.......the money raised funds education and the mosques within Australia.
So the ABC - the exact establishment which pushes secular and anti-Christian views, is happy for the money collected via the Halal certification industry to go fund another religion via mosques and Madras' in Australia?

See, this is what's wrong with the Lefties. They believe in nothing and stand for even less - apart form their hyper-emotional outbursts.

It's the side of politics, not the cause. And the Muslims are on their side.... for now.

Can't wait to see what they do to the Gay Greenies one day. Should be fun to watch dog-eat-dog one day.

In the meantime, I refuse to buy products which carry a Halal stamp, or support companies I know are Halal certified. It's time to take a stand against this creeping Sharia rubbish that infests our lives. If they want Halal, they can return to their sandbox shithole and go buy it there.

Halal certifiers say consumers, whatever their religion, have nothing to fear from halal.

One of the major halal Certifying bodies in Australia, the Islamic Coordinating Council says its role is to ensure food is prepared properly and hygienically, following Sharia law.

It comes as a Facebook page urges people to boycott halal certified products in Australia.

Bega cheese, Steggles, Parmalat and Bindaree Beef are among those who've found themselves the target of anti-halal campaigners.

For some of them, halal accreditation has been a part of their business for decades.

"Australia is one of the biggest supplier to the Islamic world in regards to halal. It's been like that since the beginning of the 60s," says the chief auditor of abattoirs, Gaafar Muhammad from the Islamic Coordinating Council.

Australia exports almost a million tonnes of beef and veal, 300,000 tonnes of lamb and mutton to 110 countries throughout the world. (source Australian meat)

The majority of Australia's export meat works are certified halal.

Australia's system of recognising halal slaughter is unique because of the Federal Government regulations.

According to Almanar Consultancy, "Australia is a preferred source of halal product for an estimated 1.6 billion Muslim consumers worldwide."

"Australia is well known for its natural methods of raising livestock and its world class standards in farm management and hygienic meat production," said Dr Fiona Hill, of Almanar Consultancy.

"All halal meat processing operations must be licensed and monitored frequently by the Australian Government quarantine inspectors AQIS and government authorised Halal Program (AGAHP), to ensure high quality, strictly halal product."

Fleurieu Milk and Yoghurt Company faced an attack from people who claimed the $1,000 certification fee it paid had been channelled into funding terrorism in the Middle East.

The company cited negative publicity for a decision to end its $50,000 per year yoghurt supply deal with airline Emirates.

The group calling for the boycott, Halal Choice, was begun by Kirralie Smith five years ago (after 10 months of research) after she suspected 'extortion' by the certifying bodies.

"Many halal products that are halal certified are paying fees for certification that are already halal, e.g. milk, honey or nuts, yet companies are paying thousands of dollars a year."

Ms Smith does not think even those companies seeking to find export markets for things like dairy products need certification.

"I think it reeks of extortion because Muslims worldwide know that they can consume milk .... so to ask a company to pay fees is unjust."

She denies she's discriminating on the basis of religion.

Italy: Muslims Destroy and Urinate on Virgin Mary Statue

So, 5 "immigrants" in Perugia walked into a Catholic chapel, grabbed a photo from a praying man's hand, smashed the statue of Mary into pieces and then pissed all over it.

And what was the response from the Catholic Church?

Monsignor Paolo Giulietti, the auxiliary bishop of Città della Pieve, near Perugia grovelled to the Muslims, saying that for Islam, the figure of Mary is very important and this incident shouldn't be seen as an act of religious hatred.

However, I'm sure were it Christians breaking and pissing on an Islamic statue then no doubt the Monsignor and the Pope would be out giving speeches, saying how appalled they were, and calling it an act of religious hatred. 

After all, anyone insulting Islam should expect a punch (so the Pope says).

The Crusaders must be rolling in their graves at the piss-weak Christian leaders in our world today. Instead of standing up for their Christian beliefs, they grovel to Islam, afraid to offend and eager to shake the hand of their enemy before their friends.

The current Pope is a dangerous man. He is a communist in papal clothes, preaching Marxist ideology from his very powerful pulpit and trashing the Catholic Church and Christianity as often as he can. He is an unlearned man - a South American communist - who is an embarrassment to our faith.

When the Lefties are praising him and calling him a Progressive thinker then you know the Pope is the enemy.

You have to wonder what the Catholic Church was thinking installing an illiterate commie embarrassment as Pope.

Hat tip: Mark L

A man was kneeling in prayer before the statue of the revered Madonna, with the photograph of a loved one in hand, in the small chapel of St. Barnabas in Perugia (Italy), when he was attacked by five “immigrants.”

The first thing they did was rip the photo from his hands.

Next they unleashed their hatred against the image of the Virgin Mary. They broke the statue to pieces and then urinated on it.

Don Scarda, pastor of St. Barnabas, said the event was led by five “foreigners.”  By the time police arrived at the chapel, the unidentified attackers had already fled.

The incident has caused a stir among locals. Some have lambasted Pope Francis who is accused of appeasing immigrants—mostly Muslims—to wild extremes.   Earlier he had said that “Migrants, through their own humanity, cultural values, expand the sense of human brotherhood.”

Although the Diocese condemned the act of sacrilege against the Madonna statue, it also followed the Pope’s lead by absolving Islam of any responsibility for what happened.  In the words of Monsignor Paolo Giulietti, the auxiliary bishop of Città della Pieve, near Perugia:
For Islam, the figure of Mary is very important: she is the mother of the Prophet Jesus conceived in virginity, and the Blessed Virgin is the most holy woman.  Muslims pray at the Marian shrines in the Middle East. We cannot see in this act of vandalism—which as I said is wrong in every way—an episode of religious hatred. It is important not to feed mutual suspicion, especially at this time.
Meanwhile, Pope Francis has called on Catholics and Western people in general to refrain from insulting other religions—namely Islam: “It’s normal, it’s normal [violence]. One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s faith, one cannot make fun of faith.”

He made these statements on January 16, apparently in reference to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, when armed Muslims killed a dozen non-Muslims working for a satirical magazine that had mocked Islamic prophet Muhammad.

One wonders if the Pope would call it “normal” if members of his own flock were to murder those who urinated on the Virgin statue?

Thanks to funding from neighbors, the desecrated image could be restored and replaced in its original location. Hundreds of Catholics participated that day in a rosary of relief.


Venezuela Must Deepen Socialism To Improve Economy - Maduro

On 17 January Venezuela's President Maduro addressed the nation's concerns over mile-long lines for toothpaste, toilet-paper, bread, and soap. His message was clear:
Venezuela Must Deepen Socialism To Improve Economy
Maduro went on to explain how he will "change the food supply system, not the economic model," to solve the nation's crisis, since "most of the private sector are parasitic bums."

Here are the food lines he thinks more Socialism will cure:

South Africa NUMSA Gen Sec Irvin Jim In NYC On Fight For Socialism - Report At SEIU 1199

Below is NUMSA (National Union Of Metal Workers, South Africa) General Secretary Irvin Jim speaking at the communist SEIU in New York City on 11 January 2015.

I managed to listen to 7 minutes before I had to shut him off, but in those few minutes he managed to repeat the following words 5 million times each:
  • colonisation
  • imperialism
  • Apartheid (naturally)
  • racism
  • how great the ANC was in defeating the Boer - hahahaha
He also managed to tell the fools listening that there are two classes - the working class and the capitalist class. What he hasn't quite realised since he was just out of diapers is that there wouldn't be workers if it weren't for the "capitalists". Farking envious low-life commie.

He then goes on to blame greed for the problems in the world. Really? I would heartily disagree with you Mr Jim. It is ENVY that is the problem. You and all your fellow communists can't accept when others do better or have more than you do out of their own industriousness. It has to be due to 'racism' or 'white privilege' or 'colonisation' or some such pathetic excuse. 

If people would mind their own business and stop worrying about what others have there wouldn't be any problems.

However, a communist can't do that. They need everyone to "share" equally in the misery. They hide their communist ideology behind lots of important-sounding words, warped revised history and bundle it up in red envy wrapping paper and hand it to the next gullible fool in the union line. 

If you listen to Mr Jim he keeps saying it's not fair that the capitalists have so much, but the workers live in squalor. Oh but it is their fault. It was THEIR choice not to get properly educated; it was THEIR choice not to advance themselves; it was THEIR choice not to take opportunities to better themselves. So don't come complain to me that you're only earning minimum wage.  

And if you weren't clever enough to get a better education or circumstances prevented you then tough luck. That's life. If you're handed lemons either make lemonade or STFU. I don't care if you earn minimum wage. Make a plan, get yourself out of poverty, better yourself. Feeling sorry and dragging everyone to your level is the lazy way out.

That's why communism has worked a treat wherever it's been tried. Not. Show me one successful communist country and I'll show you a flying pig. Death, destruction, human flight and depression is what you find in communist countries, because the nature of communism is to stifle any inventiveness, industriousness or attempt to make your life better. That's why they all live in the same grey buildings, wear the same clothes and earn the same money. Anything more and you're an evil greedy capitalist.

YET, I'm betting Mr Jim lives in a lovely house, drives an expensive car, eats at the best restaurants, and earns lots of money - more than those workers he keeps championing. That's the other side of communism - where those who preach envy live like kings, while the workers they fight for live in misery and pay their communist fees.

But I guess Mr Jim can't see that, him being the prize fighter of the poor man that he is. Hypocrite, they name is Irvin Jim.

And kudos to whoever managed to sit through nearly 60 minutes of this garbage. 

At the end of the day the boring Mr Jim-bob sounds like another commie loser suffering from an eternal inferiority complex. But I'm guessing those at "workers of the world unite" SEIU lapped this shite up.

Paris Charlie Hebdo protest rally photo-op exposed

Remember these iconic photos splashed around the world of over 40 world "leaders" linking arms at the head of the Paris rally in response to the Islamic slayings at Charlie Hebdo? (except Putin - he wasn't welcome as he's apparently worse than ISIS...)

Yeah, well those world "leaders" weren't exactly at the head of the rally. No, it appears these brave leaders were tucked away in an empty guarded street, far away from the actual rally - scared in case some Muslim fanatics were to attack them.

Here are the brave world leaders posing for their photo-op before they no doubt scurried back to their own Muslim-infested countries to go squash any rebellion.

USA: The next Obama fail

Obama is pushing for 2 years of "free" College. 

A clear nod to his union pals working in the colleges, and not in the interest of the students. 

Apparently the money for this "free" program is going to fall out of the sky any day now. It's only going to cost $60 billion over 10 years - which you can double or triple to get the real cost. 

But, Obama has a plan! Yes, he's going to raise taxes on the tax payers to pay for the free stuff, and one of the things he's going to tax are 529 plans, which people use to save money for their kids college costs.

Only can a Progressive idiot be this disingenuous. Let's pay for 'free' College by taxing College savings!

19 January 2015