27 November 2015

Former MI5 agent speaks out against Turkey

Very clever lady. Wonder if Cameron got rid of her?

And then you have the reasons as to why Turkey would want Russia out of the region. Maybe it's because Russia has been very effective in pushing ISIS back, and is now going after the oil routes into Turkey. You have to wonder why the USA and their coalition partners - including Australia (to be fair, Abbott did call on more action while he was PM, but his hands were tied) - never thought to bomb, not only the oil route, but the oil wells, seeing as the oil money is funding ISIS to the tune of $50 million a day. Yeah, I wonder why Obama never thought of that obvious tactic. 

And then you have the tiny issue of Erdogan's son being the oil middle man between Turkey and ISIS.

Hmmmm..... yup, no idea why Turkey would be shooting a Russian plane down. No idea at all. And no idea why NATO and the USA would be supporting the action. Yup, no idea at all.

26 November 2015

Diversity is strength??

For how long has the world been subjected to the Lefty loons shouting at us that 'diversity is strength'??

For how long have we heard this propaganda nonsense? 

In fact, the only countries which are peaceful today are the homogeneous societies, where there is a common culture, language, (religion), principles, traditions. 

The more 'diversity' you introduce into an environment, the more conflict results. 

And yet, these crazy Lefties run our countries, from the learning institutions to our governments. These crazy people, who aren't mentally fit or qualified to do more than to sweep sidewalks, live off our tax dollars and preach about diversity, multi-culturalism, and the sins of the West. 

Everyday they get their message out, is another day closer to the West's downfall.

It's time to sweep these maniacs out of our lives and put them back in the loony-bins where they belong. 

Sweden reluctantly wakes up......

Sweden’s prime minister, Stefan Löfven, announced on Tuesday that Sweden would be closing its open-door policy for 'refugees' and 'asylum seekers'. He said the country needed 'respite' from the tens of thousands of refugees knocking at its door. 

Apparently, when your country gets flooded to the tune of 10,000 country shoppers per week, it's all of a sudden time to shut the door. Immigrants arriving are having to sleep on the streets as Sweden can't find beds for them all.

No kidding Sherlock! You mean, Sweden is starting to look like the homelands of the arrivals?

Sweden is hoping that the country shoppers not making it to Sweden will be looked after by another stupid European country:
“We are adapting Swedish legislation temporarily so that more people choose to seek asylum in other countries ... We need respite,” Löfven said, criticising the EU for failing to agree to spread refugees more evenly around the bloc.
Just like Germany, they entice these country shoppers with their open borders and promises of free goodies for life, and then when they arrive like rampaging hordes, they start turning them away for others to look after. And then have the audacity to get upset when other countries refuse. Then they whine, bitch and moan at the EU to force other countries to be as farking crazy 'compassionate' as them. 

But, don't kid yourself. The 'tough restrictions' will only lead to a slight reduction in current levels. Sweden is still pretty much intent on committing cultural and national suicide. The pace of said suicide will now slow down slightly. Since Sweden imposed border protection a few weeks back, the numbers arriving have fallen from 1,507 per day to........ 1,222 per day. Wow, such a success!

However, you could swear it's the end of the world according to the moonbat communists infesting Sweden. A UN official based in Stockholm, commented: “The last bastion of humanitarianism has fallen.”

Left party leader, Jonas Sjösted said that “Sweden has been a light in the darkness this autumn, but today the light was extinguished”. 

But, the best is left to the commie watermelon Green Party. Åsa Romson, Minister for the Environment, is a tad upset at this awful, awful decision. Her Green's Party is in coalition with another commie party, the Social Democrats, and it was either they support the new legislation, or the Greens lose their place at the government feeding trough. So, out went their commie principles, and in came her mea culpa.

Watch as Ms Romson tearfully admits that they had to make such a painful decision. What she really is saying is that she wants Sweden to be destroyed and turned into a third-world toilet bowl, and that she wants her country's culture wiped from existence.

Hahahaha. These frigging loon moonbats. The lunatics are truly running the Swedish mental asylum. 

Too late Sweden. Stable door and bolted horses.

No warnings from Turkish jets before attack – Russian Su-24 rescued pilot first interview

Listen below to the navigator, who was in the shot-down Russian jet. Russian special forces managed to save him. He explains that they were not in Turkish territory, received no warning from Turkey, they were shot from behind, there were no visual warnings, and no plane escorting them out of the territory, as is international law.

He is also wanting to remain at the base and return to active duty, as he says someone has to pay for the death of the commander.

The commander pilot was not so lucky of course. He was shot by Obama's 'moderate' Jihadi's, while he parachuted down, with his body mutilated by the Muslim scum. So much for honoring the prisoner of war accords.....I hope Russia gets his body back, but I'm not so sure.

And I hope they avenge his death.

These are the 'moderate' Muslims Obama is supporting with arms, money and training. This filth. These backward sandfleas, still living in the 7th century. This is who Obama wants to hand Syria to.

If people still can't see what an absolute danger Obama poses to western civilisation, then more fool you.

Here is a good article from Paul Craig Roberts on how Turkey's version of events is a lie from start to end (hat tip: FredBarbarossa). NATO has its dirty paws all over this attack. As if we didn't already know it. 

This was a planned hit - a provocation against Russia. Obama et al want Putin out of the Middle East and they're prepared to start WWIII to achieve their goal. 

This is what happens when the dumb vote. You land up with a clueless Progressive, who can't tell the difference between his elbow and his a-hole.

25 November 2015

Obama playing with fire - let's hope he gets burned

So there you have it. The world has finally seen what happens when you have an affirmative action, Progressive porch monkey elected as President of the USA.

The wheels are finally coming off the Obama bus.

Obama was elected because of his skin colour. Period. The majority of Americans fell for his smooth talking, non-Negro dialect, and his skin colour. They were convinced he would heal the nation. Not that the nation needed healing, but they were constantly told by the media that they needed healing. And what better way to achieve this healing, than to elect someone whose CV is based on being a community organiser! A street-thug community agitator.  This is the person with his finger on the bombs.

Americans flocked to the election booths to go vote for a man who didn't know how many States made up the USA. A man who was raised by devout aetheist communists. A man who had a Muslim father and a Muslim step-father and who said that the best sound in the world was the Muslim call to prayer. A man who sealed all his public records as his first act as POTUS. A man who was never vetted by anyone, let alone the media. A man who promised to bring 'hope and change' and to 'fundamentally transform' America. Americans around the country swooned. 

They had found their messiah.

I guess America is finally waking up to what that transformation means. They now live in a country being run by the crazies. A country which is being flooded by illegal 3rd world riff-raff, from South America, Asia, Africa and more importantly, Muslim countries. Anyone who isn't of White descendants is welcome in America! 

America is waking up to the fact that the great Barrack Hussein Obama has put the country into $20 trillion debt, and he keeps spending like a drunken sailor. The media has now given up on the debt fainting spells they experienced during the Bush years, to just slink away with their legs between their hindquarters, while the Obama debt clock explodes. 

Americans have woken up to a country where the racist Blacks are running amok, as race relations are now at their lowest point ever. That's what the great healer Obama has achieved. The one who was going to calm the waters and usher in utopia. Universities in the USA are now breeding grounds for the eternally offended. Where anything causing offence is shunned. Where Black students demand 'safe spaces' from 'racism'. Where students outlaw words which could potentially, maybe, just maybe, one day, cause offence. This is the future of America. Bless.

America is now waking up to having a Congress, which is useless. Obama has done what he likes, when he likes and how he likes, and Congress has not ONCE thought to impeach him for acting unilaterally. Obama has taken America from a relatively conservative country based on Christian doctrine, to a basket case run by Progressive Regressive rubbish. 

The genius that is Obama and his side-kick Shitlery Clinton looked at all the transformation they were accomplishing in America, and decided to broaden their horizons to the Middle East. As their puppet-masters planned all along.....

They started their campaign in Tunisia, then Egypt, then Libya, then Yemen, and finally, their target all along..... Syria. Never forget how they destroyed Ukraine too. One by one, all the leaders of their selected countries were deposed, all the while the American government, led by butch feminazi's, was proclaiming that they were instilling 'democracy' in the world. Their usual mantra to get what they want. Well, just look how grand all that democracy has worked in America, and go get you some of dat!

And still Congress said nothing. Did nothing. Looked the other way. While the Middle East and North Africa burn, they count their guaranteed pensions, dine with their lobbyists, and clink glasses to being very important people.

And then finally, the culmination of all that is the failure called Obama, was revealed yesterday, when Obama's pal and fellow-NATO POS Erdogan of Turkey, downed a Russian fighter plane. Obama, who is usually missing in action when things happen in the world, was quick to jump in front of the microphones and tell the world that it was Russia's fault. No need to explain anything further. No need to question the actions of Turkey, who shot down a plane, which was no threat to their country. A plane, which at most, violated Turkey's airspace for 17 seconds - if that at all. They shot down a plane and then Erdogan went to kneel at Obama's NATO feet for his pat on the head.

There is no doubt in my mind that Turkey acted as they did at the encouragement of Obama, NATO and his puppet masters. All because the thin-skinned Obama knows he has to destroy Putin. Putin - the real man of the world. The true manly leader. A devout Christian. A leader who makes Obama look like the gay negro effeminate Progressive useless porch monkey that he is.

Obama is all ego after all.

And Turkey has NATO's backing. Erdogan committed this act at the behest of NATO. The scum that is NATO, and which has tried to attack Russia from Ukraine and Georgia repeatedly and failing each time, is to blame for what happens going forward. 

Whatever action Putin takes, Obama and Turkey, have coming. There will be a lot of innocent blood shed, but that is the price you pay for having stupid leaders. In the end, the voters who elect these fools, pay for their vote.

Good luck to America and Turkey. You are going to feel the full wrath of Russia. Obama is way out of his league and is playing with a fire he doesn't know how to control. He is playing with real men now, so best he put on his big-man pants, kiss Mooch good-bye and go face the music he started.

Fuck you Obama, and the f-wit Progressive donkeys you rode in on.

RIP to the Russian fighters who died needlessly yesterday. My thoughts and prayers are with your families.

22 November 2015

USA: Bag of poop automatically means 'racism'

Had a good chuckle when I read this story, as I imagine you will too. 

It's about the precious snowflakes known as Blacks, on the campus Vanderbilt University, Nashville Tennessee. 

As you are probably aware, the Blacks are on the war path at universities across the country - with their #BlackLivesMatter campaign. And it's certainly brought out the crazies, I tells ya.

The story goes that one of the Black precious snowflakes at Vanderbilt University saw a black bag on the steps of the "Black Cultural Center" and decided to investigate - aka, open the bag. I'm wondering at this point, if Vanderbilt has a White cultural Center? Haha, only kidding.

Anyhoo, upon opening the bag, the precious snowflake found it to be a bag full of doggy poop. Now, instead of doing what any other sane person would do, and go throw the bag in the rubbish and forget about it, this precious snowflake immediately jumped to the conclusion that a racist White supremacist on campus had put the bag outside the centre as an act of....... wait for it...... drum-roll please......... yup, you guessed....... as an act of RACISM!!

The precious snowflake IMMEDIATELY contacted campus police. Then the precious snowflake phoned Frank E. Dobson, Jr., director of the Black Cultural Center and an assistant dean at the school, who RUSHED to the scene. 

Dobson then emailed Dean of Students Mark Bandas, who also HIGH-TAILED it to the Black Cultural Center, accompanied by Tina Smith, director of the Office of Inclusion Initiatives and Cultural Competence. 

Quite an impressive response for a bag of dog shite. 

(Amazing how universities employ so many people to protect a few Black loudmouths. I mean, what the heck is an "Office of Inclusion Initiatives and Cultural Competence"???)

The general consensus of all these important university people, who appear to all have massive chips of inferiority-complex on their shoulders, was that the black bag of dog poop left on the Black Cultural Center’s steps was a racially motivated act!!

Gasp! The horror! 

A student group by the name of Hidden Dores, which brings to light minority experiences at Vanderbilt (aka the eternal victim), was outraged and vented on Facebook over the “deplorable” act:
“The Hidden Dores team is appalled to announce that our demonstration yesterday was met this morning with a vile act. This morning someone left a bag of feces on the porch of Vanderbilt University’s Black Cultural Center.”
“This act has hurt many and will not be received lightly. We will not allow for the desecration of the place we call home. As we announced yesterday and reaffirm today, we will not be silent.”
You see, the previous day there was protest at Vanderbilt, during which a list of demands on alleviating racism, signed by almost 200 students, was hand-delivered to Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos.

So naturally, it was the obvious conclusion to jump to, that the doggy poop was left in response to that protest. I mean, which White person wouldn't respond that way? Go out and collect doggy poop and leave it on steps outside some Black 'cultural' centre, in response to a bunch of racist Blacks with another long list of demands, about their perceived discrimination on campus? Yeah, I as a White person would have better things to do - like enjoying my White privileges, which includes sitting around all day not working....

And as is the norm, the truth eventually came out about this highly offensive act. The campus police reviewed security tapes and found that the person who left the bag on the steps was a blind student, who had picked up after her guide-dog, and, not being able to see where a bin was, left the bag on the steps for someone else to throw in the bin. As blind students are taught to do......

So, after calling in all the very important race hustlers on campus, the police and highlighting this racist incident on FaceBook and social media, BEFORE any facts were known, the precious snowflakes all had dog shite on their faces. 

And that, dear children, is how Blacks show their tiny minds, their huge chips on their shoulders, their natural instinct to blame racism on everything, and their continued efforts to play the victim-card for everything. 

This is a classic 'Peter cried wolf' incident, and as is human nature, pretty soon Whites will ignore the Blacks and their constant whinging and whining. And that day can't come soon enough.

The end.

17 November 2015

Which ones are the good one?

Hat tip: Gossip Girl

How many more people have to die before we stop appeasing Islamists?

How many more people have to die before we stop appeasing Islamists? 

Well, how long is a piece of string???

Yes, Islam is our enemy, but we have enemies from within our own borders who have facilitated the West's demise - slowly but surely. We have a group of self-haters and apologists, who will aid the enemy to soothe their collective guilt-complex. After all, who doesn't hate living in clean, safe, well-run, decent countries, when you can culturally enrich them with African and Muslim 3rd world throwbacks? 

This is precisely how great nations fell in the past. The people attacked the values that made their civilisations great. They didn't protect what others had bequeathed them. They didn't respect the blood, sweat and tears it took to leave such a great legacy. They didn't cherish what they inherited. Today they choose to trash it.

As we see. 

We have the Progressive filth leading the way with their anti-Western, anti-White, anti-civilisation ideology - happier to bring in those from a different world and culture - because that is the right thing to do to soothe their guilt about coming from a nation of achievers. Never mind the consequences down the line. Anything bad that happens is our reward for achieving.

This tiny minority of mentally ill "Progressives" rule the roost, imposing their warped views on the rest of we the sheeple.

And so there they were, one after the other, wheeled out to speak to the people around the world and explain how what happened in Paris had nothing to do with their favorite religion, Islam. From Australia, to England, to Canada, to America...... these mentally ill people marched in goose-step, fawning over each other to reassure 
people that all they had to do was love and hug a little more and they would defeat the face of evil. An evil with no name, in case they offend.

Apparently love and hugs will defeat the blood-thirsty Islamofascists. Tell that to those people who were staring at the barrel of a gun on Friday, waiting to die. I'm sure they were thinking: "if only I had hugged a Muslim a little harder, I wouldn't be about to be shot to pieces".

You have to suffer from mental illness to think that hugs and love is the answer to fighting a death cult.

The rest of the clueless eagerly changed their FaceBook pictures to reflect the French flag. Famous buildings around the world lit up in the colours of the tri-colour. At least we didn't get hashtags this time around, so thank goodness for small mercies. 

It's all fine and well to fly the French flag on an electronic device, but how about actually doing something tangible? Like the entirety of Europe banning Muslim immigration? Like Europe putting together an army to go bomb the living daylights out of ISIS - together with Russia and not in opposition? How about Europe start closing down Mosques, and expelling ANYONE and their extended family who even has a whiff of being an Islamofascist? How about Europeans standing together, united, demanding their leaders start listening to their concerns?

Or, how about they start blaming their leaders for what is happening in Europe today? Loud and proud. Blame, blame, blame. The EU, sanctioned by the leaders of various countries, has allowed Europe to become a dumping ground of the underachievers. An invasion by the 3rd world is currently underway in Europe, and yet hardly any European people are protesting, apart from the heroic odd groups here and there. 

What will it take for the European people to wake the heck up??? What will it take for them to start protecting and respecting their way of life. What will it take to shut the Left up? 

I'm guessing it will take a few more bombings. A few more attacks, with a few more thousand dead. Maybe then people will stop wanting to show love and give  out hugs, and pull their fingers out and fight for their way of life?

 The enemy from within......