28 February 2015

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Sunette Bridges is an amazing South African woman.

She has taken on the thankless job of reporting all the White murders occurring in South Africa - mostly the farmers.

Many of these murders aren't reported by the media, so she does a very important job to keep everyone informed and aware.

For that she is attacked daily by other White Liberals in the country. But she just keeps on going.

Her other job, when she's not singing to earn her pay or keeping everyone up to date about the crime situation, is being the Chairperson of the Boervroueliga (Boer Women's league). It's a non-profit organisation dedicated to making the lives of the Afrikaner/Boer White people of South Africa better.

They are busy building Kleinvallei - a kibbutz-style farm - to help desperate Afrikaners (including the elderly) with housing and a means to feed themselves. These Afrikaners have been living in squalor among the Blacks in townships. That is no place for them or their children to live, especially the young girls.

You are welcome to visit her Facebook page, or the Kleinvallei website to find out more. Go to her photos on her Facebook for a picture album of the building-works so far.

They are busy trying to raise another R1.5 million (~$150 000) to pay for concrete slabs for buildings. They need a lot more money, but this is the critical part for now.

From Sunette on her Facebook page:
A BIG thank you to the 227 Friends and Supporters of the Kleinvallei project who have donated R 231 800 since we launched our "Donate R40" campaign on Saturday!
We need to raise R 1 568 200 more to pay for the concrete slabs for the buildings on Kleinvallei. The slabs will be completed by Friday!
We need 40 000 people to each donate R40 to enable us to do this.
If most of my overseas readers donate $10 each (~R100) - or more - then it'll help them reach their target very quickly.

Let's help them get over the line! It's for a very, very good cause.

These are the people you will be helping:

27 February 2015

Enjoy the week-end!

South Africa: Tourism Minister escapes hijacking

If anyone wants to know the meaning of irony, hand them this article.

The South African Minister for Tourism has escaped a botched hijacking near his home on Monday evening, when a car-full of armed men approached his car.

Lucky for him his bodyguards came to his rescue. Shots were fired and the wannabe hijackers ran off.

Seems they wanted his fancy government-issued black Mercedes. One of the many perks of being an ANC cadre.

So here is the irony:

A White ANC commie piece of trash who happens to be the head of TOURISM for the country is nearly hijacked outside his home. He has ARMED bodyguards to protect him.

Just what does that say about the safety of foreigners who want to visit South Africa?

And isn't it lucky that he has the protection of armed bodyguards, whereas ordinary South Africans have to live in fear 24/7 with their own government doing everything to disarm them?

When a country's tourism government Minister has to drive around with armed bodyguards, and when that same Minister is nearly hijacked at his home, I should think that would leave no doubt in anyone's mind as to how unsafe South Africa is these days.

Irony? Sure is.

Next time Mr Hanekom should try driving around with no bodyguards - like normal tax-paying White South Africans - so he can get to feel what his precious ANC has done to the country.

Mr Hanekom will still learn that being a good White Liberal useful idiot commie is no protection when the boons come out to play.

Johannesburg - Minister of Tourism Derek Hanekom was involved in a botched hijacking as he was he was approaching his Kensington home.

The minister was returning home on Monday evening and hijackers emerged from the dark and tried to take his official vehicle.

However, his bodyguards came to his rescue and fought them off. Shots were fired and the gunmen fled. Neither Hanekom nor his bodyguards were injured in the incident.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Noxolo Kweza confirmed the incident but declined to give more details.

“We’re confirming it happened on Monday, but we can’t give more details,” she said.

According to a source who asked to remain anonymous, Hanekom was returning home at about 7.30pm, with his driver and bodyguard, when gun-wielding men approached the vehicle.

It is not known whether the attack happened at a stop sign or when Hanekom was in his driveway. And it is unclear how many men were involved.

“They did not know who it was; they just saw a tinted Mercedes Benz and wanted it. The bodyguard managed to protect the minister and shots were fired. The hijackers fled, but the bodyguards did not chase them as the minister was still in the car. They could not do that in case more shots were fired and the minister got hurt,” the source said.


Rhodesia vs Zimbabwe

Here you have photos of the then capital of Rhodesia, Salisbury, and a photo of Harare, Zimbabwe today.

Same country, same city - one under White-rule with Ian Smith, the other under Black-African rule with Mugarbage.

Salisbury 1970's:

Harare 2015:

USA: ObamaNet has arrived

Obama keeps on destroying America and no one is stopping him.

His latest target is the internet, where he pushed regulations to have "net neutrality".

The goobly gook language that the Left uses is amazing. They have mastered the art of obfuscation.

Obamacare was meant to be about Obama caring for the little people, by making their medical costs way cheaper and access to top medical care so much better than before. But it was much more than that. Then House Leader Nancy Pelosi told the American people that they couldn't see the bill before it was passed, and that they could trust the Obama administration as they knew what was best for them.

The result = more regulation, more fraud, more expensive, worse medical service.

Did I mention more expensive?

So "net neutrality", Obama told the Americans, is meant to keep the internet functioning as it has always been, and the regulation is just there to make it more formal. Regulation that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) didn't want America to see, read or smell, prior to the vote.

Because America just had to trust them.....

So, if the internet is working so great, why the need for regulations?

Well, let's think like a Marxist communist for a moment. Seeing as they're fascist control-freaks and need to censor what people say, think and feel, maybe regulating the internet is a way to control the content?

Gee, you think?

At various stages in the recent past, both Obama and Hitlary Clinton have been mouthing off about how there is no control over what people heard through the media. In other words, they wanted one voice to be heard. No dissent required.

And ta-da - here comes 'net neutrality'. It sure sounds better than 'net control', eh?

See how this works? Just give something a label which means the complete opposite and the dumb people don't think any further. After all, if Obama says it's there to make it work better, then gosh it must be true.

And now that it's passed regulation, it also gives the bankrupt American government the opportunity to impose more taxes and red-tape, which will bring in billions, if not trillions, no doubt. And once again the people are screwed - those paying taxes, that is.

So, in one foul swoop the Obama administration gets control over content and free money! A twofer for the commies.

How anyone, let alone the Republicans, can trust anything Obama says is beyond me. He's the ultimate snake-oil salesman and yet they still fall for his crap. ANYTHING he does should be rejected outright - even if it's picking out the paint colour for a wall.

He's a lying smooth operator conman. A smiling assassin. And the Left laps it up.

Mark my words - gun control will be tackled before he leaves office.

He's had an 8-year period to accomplish various items from the Progressives Utopia Wishlist:

- destroy America's standing - tick
- ruin healthcare - tick
- bankrupt and overwhelm the system - tick
- destroy the White majority - tick,tick,tick
- destroy America's Christian culture - tick, tick
- flood the country with 3rd world Hispanics, Muslims and Africans - tick,tick,tick,tick
- divide and conquer - tick
- push homosexual rights, and all other minority sexual wants - tick,tick,tick
- destroy the military - tick
- flood government departments with Black and commies - tick, tick, tick
- destroy Israel/American relations - tick
- impose the Muslim Brotherhood on the world - tick,tick,tick
- allow Iran to get a nuclear bomb - tick
- cause havoc in the Muslim world/Middle East - tick
- destroy freedom of speech - tick
- control Americans through NSA, internet, media - tick, tick, tick
- spread NATO control - tick
- destroy the Second Amendment and impose gun controls - PENDING

See just how busy he's been - and you all thought he was a lame duck.

No, these types of Marxists are the most dangerous. Never underestimate the damage they cause when they're in power.

America will find out over the next few decades the results to all the seeds planted by Obama in his presidency. 

Those trees are yet to grow and bloom. They're but saplings at the moment - but already doing great harm to the American garden.

New rules on how the internet should be governed have been approved by the Federal Communications Commission.

In what is seen as a victory for advocates of net neutrality, the commission voted in favour of changes proposed by chairman Tom Wheeler.

Three commissioners voted in favour and two against.

The US Telecommunications Industry Association said that broadband providers would take "immediate" legal action over the rule changes.

The main changes for broadband providers are as follows:

  • Broadband access is being reclassified as a telecommunications service, meaning it will be subject to much heavier regulation
  • Broadband providers cannot block or speed up connections for a fee
  • Internet providers cannot strike deals with content firms, known as paid prioritisation, for smoother delivery of traffic to consumers
  • Interconnection deals, where content companies pay broadband providers to connect to their networks, will also be regulated
  • Firms which feel that unjust fees have been levied can complain to the FCC. Each one will be dealt with on a case by case basis
  • All of the rules will also apply to mobile providers as well as fixed line providers
  • The FCC won't apply some sections of the new rules, including price controls
  • Ahead of the vote, commissioners heard from a variety of net neutrality advocates, including the chief executive of online marketplace Etsy and a TV drama writer. Web founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee also contributed via video link.

And the winner is......

South Africa: The hounding by government of a whistle-blower

The video below is a tape recording of a police interview between Colonel Schilz and the former (2003-2012) independent non-executive director of South African Reserve Bank Stephen Goodson (and his legal advisor).

Mr Goodson wrote a book titled: “ Inside the South African Reserve Bank - Its Origins and Secrets Exposed.” - which the powers that be haven't taken kindly to, as all their deep, dark secrets have been exposed. 

So it's harassment and threats all the way.

Goodson was dragged to the police station to answer some 'questions' by Schilz. All so a government prosecutor can determine if there is a criminal case to be made against him for writing a book and exposing truths.

Of course the police don't have a case, but that wouldn't be fun, now would it? However, what is fun is to intimidate people and make sure they're in court and spending thousands of their own money to defend their name and prove their innocence - against trumped up charges. 

The government has all the money in the world - Mr Goodson doesn't.

This is how the ANC and their powerful friends treat anyone who exposes the utter corruption going on behind closed doors. That or a bullet....

Two interesting things came out of the interview (listen to it while it's still available): 

Number 1:
Former president and traitor Fuckwit de Klerk has squirreled R12 BILLION (just over $1 billion) away in a Lichtenstein bank account. Money stolen from South Africa. If true then we now know the price of his 30 pieces of silver for selling South Africa out - $1 billion. 

If true you now know why he will defend the new farked up South Africa till Jesus comes. He has a black spot on his soul.

Number 2:
In 1989 former director of the SA Reserve Bank Chris Stoltz amended the Reserve Bank Act to include a secrecy clause.

The reason for the secrecy clause was to hide the gold heist that took place in the 1980's - where South Africa smuggled 3000 tons of our gold - stored in Zurich - to the USA to bail out their bankrupt banks (Citi Bank, JP Morgan, etc.).

That gold was worth R2 trillion - or $200 billion.

So, South Africans were robbed by our own government, to bail out the bankrupt American banks - and America thanked us by pushing for us to hand the country over to the Black ANC terrorists.

How's that for a kick up our backsides?

Isn't it amazing how all these truths finally find a way out into the world? 

And isn't it amazing what's kept from us, we the people?

Hat tip: Nick A

At New York Private Schools, Challenging White Privilege From the Inside

New York's private schools are concentrating on tackling important things, so they can prepare their students for life in the real world.

And top of the most important things to prepare the wealthy White children of New York is how they must get rid of the White Privilege they walk around with constantly.

See, their parents are evil for doing well enough in life so as to be able to send their children to an expensive private school - and that evil sin of wealth and 'privilege' falls on their children to repent over.

Hence why the most important thing to beat out of these kids is their White privilege - which ALL Whites are born with. Naturally. 

Apparently Whites walk around with an "invisible knapsack of White Privilege" strapped firmly to their backs. 

Who knew?? Mine feels like a knapsack of taxes to pay so others can live a good life for doing nothing. But no, I'm wrong.

Of course you and I both know that the reason Blacks and other races keep harping on about "White Privilege" is because they aren't White - and therefore they aren't part of the race which has contributed the most to mankind. 

So therefore the other races have to demonise and belittle the White race so they can feel vastly superior to them.

In other words, they suffer from an inferiority complex.

From now on, every time you see the words "White Privilege" replace them with "White Achievement" and you'll be closer to the truth about why this made-up 'White Privilege' gets so much attention.

The majority of these inferior fools - especially the Blacks who carry a very visible, over-packed knapsack of White hatred strapped to their backs - have nothing better to do.  Most choose not to have a job, and most have forgotten how to look after themselves, because big daddy government does that for them. They don't have a decent family home to return to because mamma is out partying and getting pregnant by another man every few months. And most lack a sense of self-worth - they have nothing of substance to live for - hence the White resentment. 

What is better in this world than to throw themselves a perpetual pity-party and keep repeating how the White man has kept them down. 

Yes, even in Africa..... where it's full of Black Africans.

You have to agree it's much easier to play the victim and blame others than to actually achieve anything of note.

Contrary to popular Black mythical beliefs, the White race has been through very tough times themselves. They have lived in squalor, they have lived through plagues and famines, they have lived through 2 World Wars, they have lived through the Dark Ages - and every time they have not only bounced back, but advanced. 

Through adversity comes success. Blacks these days aren't allowed to fail on their own otherwise it's racist.

And when that White success was so pronounced, all the other races wanted some of that success - seeing as they couldn't create it on their own, in their own countries. So in they streamed into our countries, to come live and leech off the race they secretly despise for their achievements. 

And now that they're in our countries, mooching off our hard work, now comes the resentment phase.

Just why are the Whites able to live so well (mostly), when they can't? It must be some type of voodoo magic bestowed upon the White race. Surely!

Psssst..... it's called hard work, ingenuity, and brain-power. 

But no - that can't be the reason, so they won't be satisfied until America looks like Africa, Canada looks like Asia, Europe looks like the Middle-East, and Australia and New Zealand look like them all combined. 

Because White achievement is a threat to their sensibilities and is therefore racist.

So to all you inferior beings suffering from White-Privilege-Derangement-Syndrome, go take a long hike. You can moan, you can lecture, you can make yourselves out to be what you aren't, but at the end of the day you've accomplished NOTHING of note as a people. You have been parasites your entire existence and now it's time to flick off.  

Return to your wonderful non-White countries and go show us how you can make it on your own - cut off from the evil White-man's apron strings.

Go on. Make my day.

White Privilege throughout the ages....

On a recent morning, 20 or so high school students, most of them white, milled about the meetinghouse at Friends Seminary, a private school in Manhattan. They were trying to unload on their classmates slips of paper on which they had jotted down words related to the topic “Things I don’t want to be called.”

Several girls tried get to rid of “ditsy.” A sophomore in jeans and a gray hoodie who identifies as Asian-American was seeking to unload “minority.” And several white students, including a long-limbed girl in a checkered lumberjack shirt, wanted to get rid of “privileged.” Under the rules of the exercise, no other student was obligated to accept it.

“It’s just a very strong word to use,” the last girl said. “I don’t want to be identified with that just because my parents can afford things. I think it has a negative connotation.”

The workshop was part of a daylong speaker series known at Friends as the Day of Concern. Students gathered in small groups to discuss a variety of social justice issues and participate in workshops; there were also talks about gender and the environment. But the overarching theme of the day was identity, privilege and power. And it was part of a new wave of diversity efforts that some of the city’s most elite private schools are undertaking.

The session at Friends Seminary, on East 16th Street, was led by Derrick Gay, a 39-year-old diversity consultant who has led similar programs at Collegiate School on the Upper West Side, Saint Ann’s in Brooklyn Heights and the Spence School on the Upper East Side.

Mr. Gay, who is black, says schools are increasingly drawn to conversations about privilege and race because they understand that “raising students to live in a bubble — a white bubble, a black bubble, a Latino bubble, whatever type of bubble you want to call it — is not to your benefit in a global society.”

26 February 2015

Black big-mouth gets owned

Hat tip: James B

The short version: some Black dude named Patrick Martin, standing at 6'6" and 270 pounds started trash talking various MMA fighters on social media. 

Patrick Martin

One of the MMA fighters decided to invite Mr Martin back to his gym for a fight - to see how tough he really is:

Josh Neer weighs in at 5'5" and 170 pounds.

In other words, nearly half Martin's size:

This is what happened:

South Africa: Max du Prix eats humble pie

Boy did I have a good laugh when I read the article below - written by the outcast Max du Preez.

Old Maxie is a rusted-on commie 'journalist', who continuously worshipped at the feet of the Dead Terrorist - and all those great ANC leaders who followed him (cough-cough-BS-cough).

For years and years old Maxie did as any good commie would - he protected his fellow commie heroes from any criticism; he lied for them; he buried the truth; he made up facts and stories; and gave his one-sided commie opinion constantly.

He was a good useful idiot.

And he also, at the same time, trashed his own people - the Afrikaner. Make no mistake, Max is no Boer, he is a Liberal Afrikaner traitor piece of Marxist trash. 

And that's me being nice about him. I'm in a good mood.

So anyway, a couple of weeks ago Maxie went over to the dark side and started suggesting that the current ANC president of the South African Banana Republic, Jacob Zuma, was a one-man Wrecking Ball, using the government to further his interests. 


Maxie was immediately attacked by Zuma's henchmen, and the newspaper quickly wrote an apology to Zuma. Old Maxie was so outraged at them for doing that without his permission that he resigned..... and got another job at a rival news organisation almost immediately.

It seems Maxie doesn't like being ignored or not giving his 2 cents worth of nothing.

Anyway, Maxie has now written a follow-up on how Zuma was giggling in Parliament when he had Julius Malema and his EFF entourage chucked out. According to Red Max, South Africa's 'democracy' is now wounded.

Wounded???? Is that all you've got Max? Wounded??

Try totally annihilated, destroyed and without a pulse.

But, continues Maxie:
"At least those who still had doubts now know for certain what the ANC’s view of our constitution is and to what levels it’s prepared to go to defend its president and to rule with an iron fist."
Good grief, but Max sure lives in Cloud Cuckoo-land.

Since when has the ANC EVER taken the Constitution seriously Max?? 

When the country was handed over to these ANC baboons, the Liberals made much a-do about nothing, hailing the Constitution as the most Progressive around.

Why, it even included Gay rights and abortion - no-no's under the evil White rulers.

Today that same marvellous Constitution is worth less than used toilet paper.   

Because Mr Disingenuous de Preez - if you were fair dinkum - you would have written back in 1994 about how the Constitution was already being trashed by your great hero, the Dead Terrorist Mandela, when he brought in AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, which is a race-based hiring policy, and which contravenes just about everything in the Constitution.

So flick off you fool. You're nothing but a slobbering commie drunk. Go play with your ANC faction brothers - those who got you to start criticising Zuma to pave the way for one of them to take over.

You and your mighty propaganda pen can go take a running jump off a high cliff.

Hat tip: Nick A

Awuleth' Umshini Wami!

The Zuma machine gun toppled them one after the other like tins on a wall: the state security apparatus, the intelligence services, the police, the SABC, the National Prosecuting Authority, the SA Revenue Service and the Hawks.

And now the Jacob Zuma gang’s next target also has a gaping bullet hole: parliament.
One can’t help but admire the brilliance of the Zuma blitzkrieg on key state institutions. This is textbook material on how to survive and flourish against all odds; how to render the constitution worthless without scrapping or changing it; how to pay lip service to freedom and democracy while acting like a dictator.

Moreover, Zuma has succeeded in co-opting the once proud liberation movement of Luthuli, Tambo, Sisulu and Mandela into his single-minded survival strategy. He achieved this through an unprecedented system of patronage and through fear, intimidation, clever key appointments and divide-and-rule tactics.

I watched them on the benches of Parliament last Thursday, those seen as the last remaining so-called constitutionalists in the ANC and now reluctant accessories in the onslaught on our democracy: Cyril Ramaphosa, Pravin Gordhan, Derek Hanekom, Naledi Pandor, Collins Chabane, Lynne Brown, Nhlanhla Nene, Lindiwe Sisulu.