27 May 2012

Australia: Australia's chief climate commissioner Tim Flannery calls for the removal of toxic teeth from dead people

Green freaks are just too funny to take seriously. Australia is on the brink of imposing the world's biggest Carbon Tax Price and the Gillard government is scurrying around like headless chickens trying to convince people that this will be good for them......oh, and the planet. I mean, who wouldn't want to pay more in taxes to a spendthrift government - taxes which will do f-all to lower the temperature of the earth? We're all lining up, ready to be buggered. Gillard has even pledged to rip a further $10billion out of the economy for a Green energy fund (and to pay the bribe the Green Party demanded by pushing the legislation through) - which will invest in those new pie-in-the-sky still-not-effective Green pet projects which apparently will create millions of new Green jobs any day now to replace all those which will be lost under the Carbon Tax Price. I'm not sure why Europe and especially Greece don't jump on this sure to win bandwagon of job creation - it's not like Spain lost 2.5 private jobs for every new Green job and are now also nearly bankrupt and have stopped supporting the Green industry......no, wait! Gillard does seem to know what she's doing so Greece should be investing all their money into imposing Green taxes which will fund new Green jobs which will save Europe! The Labor party are so serious about global warming, that they even appointed a "climate change commissioner' who runs around Australia, scaring the shit out of little kids by banging on about how the world is just about to fizzle up and die unless their parents start paying for their carbon emissions. His name is Prof Tim Flannery and he has a doctorate in.....Palaeontology, so gosh, let's all listen to what he has to say, because no one knows what's going on with the climate as much as someone who digs around in the dirt looking for bones. Prof Flannery earns around $180 000 per year for a 3-day work week and gets to preach to us, the little, stupid people who just are too dumb to understand what's really going on. Why, Prof Flannery is so worried about what's going to happen when the rains no longer fall (just ignore the fact that Australia is now drought-free) and the rising seas (just ignore that the sea levels have dropped slightly), that he bought himself a lovely riverside house near Sydney which will be impacted were the seas to rise as he's predicted. That is irony number 1. Irony number 2 is that this same Professor (who is the resident joke amongst Australian climate change 'deniers') has now said that mercury tooth fillings should be removed from corpses before being cremated to save the universe. And it won't even cost a lot, just a pair of pliers! I suppose these are the new Green jobs Gillard was hinting at? Yeah, you could support millions of families with that one alone, so quickly close all the evil coal mines! But, what the comedian Flannery conveniently forgets to mention is about all the mercury contained in the new 'let's save the world from heating' light bulbs that contain copious amounts of mercury, and for which you need to call in the FBI and Secret Service to remove from your house if  they break, lest you poison the entire neighbourhood, surrounding properties and waterways. Funny much? Yes, yes indeed. We are being taken for mugs by these liberal Green wankers who can't even tell us by how much the temperature of the planet will fall  by imposing a carbon tax price.  

Prof Flannery



CLIMATE change campaigner Tim Flannery says mercury tooth fillings should be removed from corpses before they are cremated.
The practice should be made law, Australia's chief climate commissioner said.
"You don't want to poison people when you are cremated," Prof Flannery said.
"No one would want that."
Addressing the Australian Medical Association's national conference in Melbourne yesterday, he said an awareness campaign was needed.
"I think people would be comfortable with removing the fillings, it is just a matter of awareness," he said.
Prof Flannery said undertakers should be required to remove the fillings and families also could request it.
"You just need a pair of pliers," he said.
"It is a $2 solution."
He said the mercury in teeth fillings was not a problem in people alive because it was not in a methylated form.
"For mercury to become dangerous, it has to get into the atmosphere, which happens when we are cremated, then blow over the oceans (and) go into the ocean depths, where there is very low oxygen, and then transform by bacteria into a methylated form of mercury," Prof Flannery said.
"This is then ingested by fish and the fish get put on the dinner plate."
He said he had not raised the issue with the Federal Government, but he felt it was significant and could be dealt with easily.
While talking about health and environment at the AMA conference, he also raised concerns about a lack of readiness for extreme weather events.
Prof Flannery said deaths from heat were increasing and the community needed to be better educated about the health risks.
"Deaths from heat is a silent killer that is increasing around the world," he said.
"The most vulnerable in our community are most at risk."
Prof Flannery said the loss of respect for science in the climate debate had been "one of the most damaging aspects".


  1. Anonymous27/5/12 13:16

    If science was based on truth and common sense people might have "respect " for it . As it stands science has discredited itself by giving way to corporate corruption , depending on a gullible , uninformed public to buy it's BS . Unfortunately Science is paid and presented by the biggest thugs on earth and every day more people are awakening to the many lies the globalization mega-thugs are trying to ram down everyone's throat . MSM is also discrediting itself every day . The game is over , thugs , you are busted and will have nowhere to hide as the truth on all fronts is clearly being realized by the people .

    1. Anonymous27/5/12 13:34

      Yes, but when you have governments misusing the 'science' to push their more taxes agenda then you're up against a wall. I don't know how we the people have allowed our politicians so much power over us to lie and be corrupt all for the tax dollar. That money is ours - not their's, and it should be a privilege to earn, yet they think it's their right to do as they please with OUR money - and it's usually not to our benefit. They use our money to give back to certain groups for their vote. How is this democracy?

    2. Anonymous27/5/12 14:17

      This is no democracy , it is corporatocracy , NWO dictatorship . one of the tools used to force this global insanity eugenics mission onto us all is " Divide and Conquer " , create global chaos out for which they will offer OWG as a solution . Read the ' Iron Mountain Report ' .
      The global criminal cartel is on thin ice and they know it . So they try to censor free speech and the internet . They are dead-set on culling 95 % of us while they hide in their vast DUMBs . It will never work . They are destroying the entire planet on which they will not be able to survive either . We are consciousness , not our bodies and they can never own or destroy our consciousness . What matters at the end of the day is WHERE our consciousness is at . That is the only reality we will take with us , not our material assets . If the masses would act on that , there would be no one to play the elitists games . They depend on useful idiots to push trough their insane Agenda 21 .
      Here is just one of many good sites to help bring the truth to the people and connect the dots : www.vaticproject.blogspot.com
      These are the times where it is most important to do what is right and ethical , not what is profitable , popular or politically correct !
      Our society is very sick because people are too eager to sell their souls for temporary gain . Ignorance and apathy are WMD . It's time to wake up and end all wars , large and small . WHO do the so called authorities think they are ?!! Their ' Rule of Law ' is wrong and overruled by natural law . ONLY THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE , INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY ! Unconditional LOVE is the fuel for all life as we are all part of everything interconnected .

  2. Anonymous7/6/12 14:00

    Autism is caused in large part by mercury and heavy metals poisoning.

    You can see how the mercury vapor escapes teeth at room temperature, meaning you are being slowly poisoned your whole life.

    Mercury acts on the brain to destroy brain cells. You can see evidence of this by watching a video made by the university of Calgary, on youtube.

    Search for "How Mercury Destroys the Brain - University of Calgary " on youtube.

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